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New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries

Following the enormous success of the course entitled "New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries" in North America and in Europe, an international tour begins in 2011. Already presented on many different occasions, the course has changed the practice of hundreds of health professionals. Built from more than a thousand scientific articles and 8 unpublished systematic reviews, it questions many current unjustified practices in the treatment of both runners and non-runners alike.

Accompanied by high quality audio-visual material, this course can help you integrate, with a superior mix of theory and practice, a number of advanced concepts on running. From diagnosis to treatment, from the planning of training sessions to biomechanical analyses and even an analysis of the running shoe, the two-day course is structured to enable you to efficiently treat all your patients whether they are runners, occasional joggers or active in other sports. You will leave with clinical tools such as USB key with a PDF document (evaluation sheets, exercise programs, tips, running programs, …) and a paper document that includes all the academic content of the course.

The high-tech presentation and materials are supported by experienced, entertaining and dynamic presenters who simplify complex theoretical concepts and make them applicable to your everyday practice. Blaise Dubois and Jean-Francois Esculier are physiotherapists teaching at Laval University's Faculty of Médicine, routinely speaking at numerous conferences and providing continuing education courses around the world.

Gifts, snacks, local networking, and monthly updated literature are some of the many extras you will receive by attending the 18-hour high quality training course. Register now!

Cours complet! Nouveau cours les 20-21 septembre. Faites vite!



Healthcare professionals Healthcare professionals who treat athletes involved in running, track and field or any other sport : physiotherapists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Athletic therapists.


April 26th, 2014 - April 27th, 2014


Accueil: 30 min avant le début du cours

Samedi : 8h00 à 18h30 (dîner = 12h00 à 13h00)

Dimanche : 8h00 à 18h30 (dîner = 12h00 à 13h00)


4553 Pierre de Coubertin
Montréal, Quebec

Chez Stadium PhysiOstéo

Facilities & Services:

Le stationnement est gratuit, il est entre la clinique et le trottoir sur Pierre de Coubertin à l'angle de la rue Bennett. Voir dessin en pdf ci-bas.


Seront offertes durant les 2 journées (AM et PM)


Comfortable. Shorts and running shoes.


The course notes will be handed out on the first day


Blaise Dubois, BSc PT, Sport Physiotherapy Diploma, Consultant for Athletics Canada

Rémi Bergeron, pht


Isabelle Dumais (administrative assistant): 418.907.8171


Fee: $ 700.00(taxes included)

If you are paying by credit card, the amount will be debited at the registration deadline i.e. 1 month before the course. Please note that: No refunds will be granted after that date.

If you are paying by cheque, please note that your registration will be completed once we have received your payment. No cheque will be deposited before the registration deadline i.e. 1 month before the course. No refunds will be granted after that date. The cheque made out to “The Running Clinic inc.” should be postdated 30 days before the date of the course and sent to: :C.P. 1075, Lac Beauport, Qc, G3B 2J8

A minimum of 20 participants and a maximum of 30 participants are required for this course. A notice will be sent, by e-mail, 21 days prior to the first day of the course, in the event of the course being cancelled due to a lack of participants.

It is possible to register in the final 30 days before the course as long as the minimum number of 20 registrations is met and if the course has not yet met its maximum of 30 participants.

Other Info:

You will receive a certificate and receipt on the last day of the course.

A jog with the speakers is planned for Saturday evening. Interested participants should bring the appropriate equipment.

There is 18HFC by the OPPQ is you work in the province of Quebec.

Please note:

  • Complementary information will be sent by e-mail 21 days prior to the first day of the course (official confirmation) and in the week prior to the course (last minute information).
  • Your registration to this course automatically signs you up to our "mailing list" and "specialist near me" sections for free for a complete year. It is always possible to remove your name from the mailing list by going to
  • Please note that it is now strictly forbidden to record audio, video or to take pictures during the course.
  • With my signature, I acknowledge that running and walking in its different forms can be inherently strenuous activities and that no event is without risk of injuries. By registering to the 3-day course "New trends in the prevention of running injuries", I renounce taking any actions whatsoever against The Running Clinic if I was to get injured or other damage during the following or after the course. I confirm that my physical condition allows me to participate and to get involved in the practical session. Otherwise, I will retire voluntarily from sessions that do not suit me.